21th Jun 1997


HK Stewardess November 2017

– December 2017 85m M/Y Valerie Stewardess June 2017

– October 2017 65m M/Y Lady Haya Administrator receptionist November 2016

– May 2017 SPA-salon “Aqua Paradise” Cabin Stewardess July, 2016- October, 2016 Med Queen, AMCruises Cabin Stewardess May, 2015

- April, 2016 Ro-Pax “Geroi Shipki” UkrFerry Waitress June, 2014

- May, 2015 Restaurant “Shalanda”

· STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training
· Ship’s steward
· Security awareness training for all seafarers
· Training for seafarers with designated security duties
· Training for passenger ship personnel (Crowed management training; Safety

I have a great passion for travelling. I’ve visited lots of wild and untouched pleases all around Ukraine. I keep my body fit and in good health. I’ve completed some nutritionist courses so I’m taking care of that. When I’m at home I go to the gym twice a week and do yoga. I don't smoke. I don't drink any alcohol. The only habit I'm fighting with is sugar. I enjoy watching online tutorials. I like learning something new and I'm trying to improve my skill every day. I’ve started learning another language and got a new gold to improve this skill to fluent level. I’ve very close to the nature. Love spending time away from the city in the middle of the nature. I love camping and backpacking. I also love diving and waiting for a chance to get the diver license.