2nd/Chief Stewardess

2nd/Chief Stewardess

2nd/Chief Stewardess


2nd/Chief Stewardess


South African


24 April 1990


Amarula Sun - 164ft Trinity - Chief Stewardess - 13 February 2017 - 09 August 2017

Bahamas seas cruising. Private & Charter Yacht with 9 Crew and usually 12 guests. I joined the boat as 2nd Stewardess to step up to Chief Stewardess which I did within 2 weeks of joining the Yacht. In the time that I was on the Yacht - we did 3 back to back Charters (American, Russian & Cuban) as well as several Boss trips. My duties on the Yacht included, managing & training 2 Interior girls - Service, Laundry & House Keeping, organizing and compiling detailed inventory lists & updating all the service wear and table decorations.

Kiss The Sky - 170ft Amels - 2nd Stewardess - 26 November 2015 - 15 December 2016

Caribbean and Pacific seas cruising. Private Yacht with 12 Crew & up to 12 guests. KTS demanded a sharp eye for detail, whilst maintaining a high level of service, thorough maintenance of the interior and intensive care in guest laundry. Equally rotating rolls equally between Service, Laundry and back of house. Worked hand in hand with Chief Stewardess - responsible for provisioning and uniform as well as leading and overseeing 2 Junior Stewardesses. I was responsible for interior of the boat when the Chief Stewardess took leave in the Shipyard.

Carpe Diem II - 150ft Trinity - 2nd Stewardess - 26 June 2014 - 12 August 2015

I joined the boat as 3rd Stewardess and was promoted to 2nd Stewardess after my 1st year on board. Duties included Service, back of house, laundry, maintaining & detailing interior, provisioning and overseeing the 3rd Stewardess. Carpe Diem II is part of a fleet of 3 boats, Carpe Diem I - 191ft and Carpe Momentum - 54ft fishing vessel which I have often assisted with Service and back of house. The boat is mainly Private but also Charters – we did back to back Charters over Christmas and New Year. The boat then went through a 3 month complete interior refit in which I was actively involved. The Owner has a keen eye for detail and the interior was always maintained to an extremely high level.

Basic STCW 2010, ENG 1, Food Safety & Hygiene II, Elementary First Aid Training, Luxury Hospitality Service Specialist Course & MedAire Tune Up Training Certificate

Fine Dining, trying to expand my knowledge of Food & Wine, Reading and Traveling.